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  • What are the requirements for each family to participate?
    We ask that all children wear a mask to and from class, as well as during downtimes. Any caregiver or parent must wear a mask the entire time. Only one person may accompany each child in class in order to limit exposure. Additionally, each child will be required to bring their own soccer ball to class each week.
  • Will my child be able to play if he/she doesn’t have a mask?
    All children must wear a mask to and from class, however masks will not be required during active parts of the class as they can interfere with airflow.
  • Are the locations safe?
    All locations have been secured for our use, with an exclusive area identified to ensure physical distancing standards. We have reviewed all sanitization and cleaning protocols with the facility or private entity to ensure they meet our standards. Please let our team know if you see something that you feel is unsafe or problematic, and we will review it immediately.
  • What equipment does my child need?
    To ensure a safe practice we recommend wearing: protection Shin guards Goalkeeper Gloves (keepers) Proper sports attire sportswear Soccer Cleats Indoor shoes Turf cleats Multi-ground Shoes
  • Do we need to bring a soccer ball?
    Our sports staff will bring all the necessary equipment to ensure a smooth and professional level practice.
  • How do we register?
    Registration for our weekly event happens between Sunday at 12pm- Monday 10pm. There is two ways a Squad can go ahead and register. a team can either DM our team of coaches on Instagram at or fill out a team form on our "King of the court" tab.
  • When is the event?
    "King of the Court" is a 5v5 Futsal event hosted by our Director Coach Q at Lab Five on Tuesday nights from 7pm-9pm. This is a new style of competition when it comes down to Futbol, the more you win the more you play! Each squad has the objective to defend "KINGS COURT" by winning as many games as possible in a row. the squad with the highest streak will earn the title of King of the court.
  • Do we need uniforms?
    NO. our Director will provide each squad with a unique color bib. This will be each squads uniform for the remainder of the night and must be worn throughout the whole event
    · TEAM CHECK IN · WAIVER SIGNED · PAY BEFORE PLAY · 5 a squad · 4 minutes games · Or first to two goals · Restart in the middle · No outs · No fighting · No slide tackling · No metal cleats no passbacks · Keepers have 6 seconds to release · Keeper cant pick ball up on passbacks
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